Baptism Instructions

Baptism Dec 11, 2022

Congratulations on your upcoming baptism! If you have any questions, please contact me at 864-881-2772 

We will meet at 30 minutes before the service start time in the downstairs conference room. Please arrive early and give yourself plenty of time to get to the conference room. You will get in-depth instructions from me and a few others during that meeting, so please don't be late.  Most every question should be answered on this page, but if not...  just give me a call!

First Service:  Meeting in conference room at 9:00 AM

Jentry Ashworth / David and Shannon Ashworth
Alyssa Banks / Michelle Nelson
Taylor Hartenstein / Erica Hartenstein
Lyla Caswell / Jennifer Caswell

Second Service: Meeting in conference room at 10:45 AM

Eladio Martinez / Kaitlyn Martinez 
Timothy Roe /  Jason Thompson
Lars Rector / Timothy Roe
Connor Ware / Chuck Ware

The order of the service is: *Note that this is VERY different than a normal service*

Opening Song
Welcome and Announcements - Pastor Dean
Sermon- Pastor Jeremy
Song *This is when you will move to the baptistry area*
Closing Song

Baptism FAQ's

We will meet 30minutes before the service start time in the downstairs conference room.  We will give you a nametag, take your picture,  introduce you to those that will be assisting you, and will give instructions as to how to enter and exit the pool.

You will have the opportunity to change clothes before and after the baptism.  Some people come to church in what they will go into the pool with, and some change into their baptism clothing once they get to church.  Regardless of how you want to do it, we simply ask that you wear a dark-colored t-shirt and shorts or something of a light fabric that will not soak up a lot of water.  Exiting the pool with jeans on means that you are leaving the pool with a LOT of water.  This is bad for the floors and the ceiling in the office below.  
Yes!  We have some if you forget, but bringing a unique towel will help you know that you are grabbing your towel when you exit the pool.  There will be a place for you to put your towel after the briefing and you will be standing in a spot where you can drip and dry off before you go into the changing room.
If everything works as it should, the water will be warm!

You can change clothes and stay up there the entire time if you wish.  You can also change into your baptism clothes and then go sit in the congregation until the time you are instructed to move to the upstairs area.

Yes!  We have a photography team that will take your pic as soon as you arrive and then several times in the baptism process.  Your family is welcome to take pics, but know that we have it covered and they can enjoy the moment!

We will compile all of the pictues taken and give you a link to download those pictures within a couple of weeks.  We will also present you with a certificate of baptism and a picture with a special note on the back.

If you have not already done so... YES!!! Each bulb represents someone that has given their heart to Jesus and / or followed the Lord in Believers Baptism since Renovation church began.  If you have not put one in, please go to the sign following the service and find the person with the ladder and the bulbs. Your friends and family will want to gather around and cheer you on as you let your light shine!