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Care Team

Care Ministry Brochure

This list changes often with opportunities to contact people and provide meals for people that have had a recent illness or life events. Thank you for being willing to care for these individuals.  If you need more information or further instruction please reach out to me by email or phone. 

Robbie Funderburk

Care and Connections Pastor

864.881.7801 ext 2010 


Fighting Cancer

Lynette Jennings

Lynette has just started chemo treatments for lymphoma.  She will be doing chemo for about 3 months. This treatment will cause her to lose her hair and deal with extreme fatigue.  Please consider helping with a meal for her and her husband Doug.  I will continue to update this as she progresses in her treatment. - Robbie (posted Feb 25th)

Meal Registry Link:

Rosemary Woundy

Rosemary and her husband Bruce say that they do not need meals but do request your prayers.  Rosemary has Multiple Myeloma and has been fighting this for a long time.  If you would like her contact info to call or send a note of encouragement then please let me know.  My desk number is 864-881-7801 ext 2010. - Robbie Funderburk

Bob Humphrey

Bob Humphrey has his port and pic line in place and has been through one round of treatment.  Lynda says he is doing well so far and that she will let us know when she needs some help. 

Recent Loss

Jonathan Murr's Stepdad

Jonathan lost his stepdad to pneumonia due to complications from Covid.  He is doing well but please do reach out to him if you have a relationship with him.

Alyssa Maynard's Brother

Alyssa's brother,  Isaiah Kappenman, was killed in a motorcycle accident on Monday morning 3/1/21. Please pray for his wife Ashleigh, and the Kappenman family. 

The memorial service was held at Renovation Church.  

Donna Sherer's Husband

Please be praying for Donna and her kids Brendan, Libby (& her husband Ara), and Rebekah as they grieve the loss of Kevin on Saturday, March 13th. 

Link to Kevin's Obituary:

Link to Donna's Meal Registry:

Joanna Sinfrorzan's Father

Please keep this family in your prayers as Joanna lost her father, Joseph Gorrin.

Prayer Requests

Want to join the Prayer Team?

The prayer team gets all of the prayer requests that come in, and can be found on the website, sent to you via text, or sent to you via email.  If you are interested in joining the team, please call Robbie at 864-881-7801 ext 2010 and he can explain what is involved in more detail.

Recent Hospitalization

Gary Biancini

Update 3/23/21 Gary Biancini is home but still struggling with his recovery.  He is having trouble with swallowing and keeping food down.  His wife, Margie, is doing well and says that meals would not be all that helpful now, but she continues to ask us to pray for his recovery.

Sarah Loos

UPDATE 3/23/21 It has been confirmed that Sarah has Multiple Sclerosis.  She will start medication for that soon and is already learning what triggers to avoid and how to deal with the symptoms she has now.  Please continue to pray for her and Brian.

Special Opportunity

Julia McNamee

UPDATE 3/1/21.  Julia continues to struggle with her chronic respiratory issues.  She has a new doctor and is doing some better, actually gaining some weight and strength! Pete is doing well but could use some help with meals (although he says he has it under control). Please consider taking a meal and spending some time talking with Pete. Do not expect to see Julia as she is very susceptible to getting sick. More details in the meal registry link:

Janice Koncikowski

Janis is suffering from dementia and Ed has reached out and asked for help.  They moved to Hickory NC last year to be closer to her daughter who is assisting with her care. If you knew Janis, you remember she was quite the conversationalist. She can no longer carry on a conversation without a lot of frustration as she can not come up with the words.  Would you please consider sending a card of encouragement to her? Ed says she loves to receive cards and I know it would be a blessing to her.  Please pray for Ed as well as he adjusts to taking care of her.  Their address is:

Janis Koncikowski

2417 23rd Avenue Dr. NE

Hickory, NC 28601