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Care Team

This list changes often with opportunities to contact people and provide meals for people that have had a recent illness or life events. Thank you for being willing to care for these individuals.  If you need more information or further instruction please reach out to me by email or phone. 

Robbie Funderburk

Pastoral Care and Connections Pastor

864.881.7801 ext 2010 


Recent Loss

Joey Tollison

Joey lost his father on Monday, Jan 11th. More details in the meal registry.

Meal Registry:

Obituary Link:

Special Opportunity

Julia McNamee

Julia continues to struggle with her chronic respiratory issues. She has lost a lot of weight and is getting more and more fragile.  Pete is doing well but could use some help with meals (although he says he has it under control). Please consider taking a meal and spending some time talking with Pete. Do not expect to see Julia as she is very susceptible to getting sick. More details in the meal registry link:

Janice Koncikowski

Janis is suffering from dementia and Ed has reached out and asked for help.  They moved to Hickory NC last year to be closer to her daughter who is assisting with her care. If you knew Janis, you remember she was quite the conversationalist. She can no longer carry on a conversation without a lot of frustration as she can not come up with the words.  Would you please consider sending a card of encouragement to her? Ed says she loves to receive cards and I know it would be a blessing to her.  Please pray for Ed as well as he adjusts to taking care of her.  Their address is:

Janis Koncikowski

2417 23rd Avenue Dr. NE

Hickory, NC 28601