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Before You Attend What to expect Child Dedication


One of our church's core values is building disciples to make disciples and we believe this begins at the youngest age.  Our goal is to teach children the truth of who God is and who they are because of Him.


Please take a moment to read our Parents' Page. It has important details including our check in procedures, how we would contact you while your child is in our care, and our well child policy.



INFANTS | Dozers: 6 weeks to 2 years

We know that leaving your baby in the care of others can be overwhelming. The volunteers in our infant and toddler classrooms have been chosen because of their love for babies and their training to care for their needs. The Dozers’ class time is primarily spent helping each child stay comfortable and content. Older infants and our 1's are encouraged to participate in hands-on praise and worship with maracas and bells, interactive songs that use motions, and finding pictures of Jesus in the Bible. We are excited to help lay a foundation for your little one to learn that God loves them and so does their church family.

Diapers are checked and changed as needed with your diaper supplies. Please let us know any special instructions you have for your child during the service, including any developmental changes or milestones they have reached. If you can bring your child to a service where they do not need to be fed this will enable us to more properly love and teach all the children through song and care. We ask that newborns be kept at home until they are 6 weeks old to allow them time to build up natural immunity.


DUMPERS: 2 and 3 year olds

The toddler years are a fun and active stage in your child’s life. Our Dumpers Classes makes time for your child to be active and play, but also engages them in God's Word with The Bible App for Kids Curriculum, which includes an exciting story, a simple Bible verse, and high energy worship songs and games. Children are sent home with an Adventure Book, which is a great tool to use to talk with your child about what they learned. Read more in our Diggers section for some great tools you can use to bring the Bible stories to life.

We appreciate knowing where your child is in their developmental journey, especially concerning diapers/potty training. We check and change diapers as time allows in our 2's class, and in both classes, we take children that we know are potty training to the bathroom. Please bring diapers and wipes if needed, and a change of clothes. Please bring your child with a full tummy; we usually, but not always, have time for a snack (goldfish, etc.).



The preschool years are an amazing time in which your child can learn some important Bible truths to build on as they grow. Diggers Classes use The Bible App for Kids Curriculum, and class time includes play time, a short lesson taught by the teacher, an engaging video that teaches the children a Bible concept, memory verse, worship and small group time.

Diggers do not receive diaper changes, but are taken to the bathroom as needed. Snacks are not provided during class time, so please make sure your child eats breakfast or a snack before they come.

Each week we provide an Adventure Book for your child to color at the end of class and then take home. It's a great tool to review what your child is learning. Have fun using the activities to help your child remember the Bible lesson and memory verse from Sunday morning. In addition, you can download The Bible App for Kids onto your smart phone or tablet, read to them from The Storybook Bible, and follow along on our Facebook page for updates on our lesson, memory verses, and songs. 

Volunteer in Infant Room Volunteer in Preschool Rooms



Our Child Dedication Service is a public commitment to raise your son or daughter according to Biblical principles and to teach them what it means to follow Jesus. In turn, its a chance for your church family to affirm our support to you. We want to partner with you as you raise your child so they are able to have a vibrant, growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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