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Application Entry

Application for International Missions

Thank you for your interest in taking an overseas trip with Renovation Church!

This application will be confidential, kept between you and church staff.

Have you accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior?

If no, simply write "no". If yes, please describe when and where. You can be as brief or as descriptive as you'd like.

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How are you currently growing in your relationship with Jesus?

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Why do you believe participating in this trip is your next step?

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Have you ever led anyone to Christ?

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Are you comfortable sharing your faith?

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Do you speak spanish?

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Do you have any dietary restrictions or medical concerns such as disabilities, chronic or recurring injuries, allergies to foods, insects, or medications?

If you answered yes to the previous question, please explain.

Please check any of these skills that you have.

Check all that apply. Answers here do not immediately disqualify you from serving, though they may limit where you are able to serve.

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The cost for the trip is $1,000.00 Are you prepared to raise / pay this amount?

Have you ever participated in an overseas mission trip before?

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If yes, where did you go? What was your experience?

Please list any education, special training, or previous experiences that might be useful on this trip.

Do you have a current passport?

What questions or concerns do you have regarding this trip?

Do you consider Renovation Church to be your church home?

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I agree with Renovation Church’s Statement of Beliefs.

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