Opportunities to Connect

Here are the ways you can connect with us....

On Sunday Mornings

We have a vibrant chat feature on our online platform that allows everyone that wants to a chance to chat and visit with one another.

We have a button that will allow you to have a one-on-one chat with one of our Prayer Team that you can share a burden or a praise report with.

Robbie often gives a "Next Step" at the close of the services that are ways you can connect and serve.

If you would like to share your prayer requests with the Prayer Team but do not want to do it in a chat, you can post those to the Prayer Page on the website.  You will find a button on the homepage and a button on the online platform.

During the Week

Wednesday Zoom Meetup - We have a weekly zoom meetup on Wednesday Nights at 7PM.  This is a very informal meeting where we gather for about 30 minutes and catch up with each other.  It is the equivalent of meeting in the hall and talking around the water cooler.  To get the link to participate with us, text the word CONNECT to our text keyword number, 864-881-7801.  You can do this at any time!

For Care and Support

For access to our Care Team, you can call or text our Care Team 24/7.  The number is 864-881-0603. If you call, simply leave a message and a member of our Care Team will be in touch ASAP.

Our staff would LOVE the chance to meet you and help you grow in your walk with Christ.  Our church office is open 8:30 - 4 Monday thru Thursday and you can call 864-881-7801 to reach us! 

Robbie is our Care and Connections Pastor and has a way you can schedule a time for a phone call or even a Zoom meeting.  Click this link to get his schedule. 

We periodically have a Meet and Greet on campus where you can have lunch with the staff and get to know some other people in the church.  We also do a Virtual Meet and Greet online and those times and dates are announced online only.  Contact Robbie to find out when the next one is!