Because following Jesus is the least boring thing you could ever do.

At Renovation Student Ministry, we are passionate about helping 6th-12th grade students 

  • Build their relationships with the Lord
  • Know and understand His Word and how it applies to their lives
  • Develop healthy habits so they graduate high school as fully-functioning young adults. 

Hang Out at 6:15 pm

Worship at 6:45 pm

Small Groups at 8 pm

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One Another

In life, we are with people every single day. How we navigate can drastically change our outlook on life, our actions, and our attitude for better or worse. In our series One Another we will discuss the necessity of godly friendships, family relationships, and how to navigate conflict and sticky situations as Jesus would. Join us in RSM for our series One Another throughout August. We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Events for Students

Aug 12 6:00 PM

Aug 17 6:15 PM
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