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R-Kids is our Sunday morning program for kids 6 years old to 6th grade. In R-Kids we believe that the Bible is never boring, that good leaders always care, and that we can have fun on Sunday mornings. For elementary school kids, all of a sudden life begins to move really fast. But no matter how fast life gets, we have a God who’s really BIG and we can choose to follow Him in our daily lives. We want them to know beyond the shadow of a doubt how much God loves them and how awesome a life serving Jesus can be.


Please take a moment to read our Parents' Page. It has important details including our check in procedures, how we would contact you while your child is in our care, and our well child policy.


Sundays in R-Kids are fun! Before the service begins, we have activities that will keep kids smiling and having fun together. Service starts with a countdown so kids can find their seats, then kicks off with some high-energy worship. The service continues with a game, a verse of the week, a video or skit that illustrates the main point, and a short lesson by our children's pastor. The entire service is built around a main theme that changes monthly - and each week's lesson explores a new facet of the theme. At the end of the service, the kids break out into small groups (by age & gender) for a game and some questions that help apply the big idea to the kids' daily lives. Afterward, kids are free to play until their parents come to pick them up. Kids are given a ticket for great behavior, and they can turn it in for candy or "tithe it" to a missions organization.

Each week, kids are given a handout with the main idea, memory verse, and announcements about any special events coming up. You can continue the conversation at home by reviewing the handout and go over the "Verse to Rehearse" until they know it by heart.

Need a Bible your kid will love to read? We recommend the Hands On Bible and My First Hands On Bible, depending on the age and reading level of your child.

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We understand that each child is different. At R-Kids we don't shy away from children with special needs; in fact, we welcome them! We call these children our VIPs. Every service we have volunteers who are trained to connect with and minister to children with special needs. No matter what the need is, our volunteers and staff are prepared to care for your child! We simply ask that you inform us of your child's needs and fill our VIP Form to help us care for and minister to your child to the best of our ability. You and the volunteer assigned to assist your child can work together to determine the class and/or activities they will enjoy and put you at ease while you are in service.