Join Us! - Sundays: 9:30am + 11:15am

Hey Online Community!

Sometimes, being at church in-person just isn’t an option. In 2020, we grew in compassion for those who are limited in their activities and exposure, and we’re committed to doing ministry with, and for, this specific community for the long haul. If for whatever reason, you aren’t able to join us in person at Renovation Church, we invite you to make our Online Community your church home.

Attending Services Online
  • Our online church service is live, broadcast at the same time as our in-person services, so the two communities are worshipping simultaneously. Whether you join us at 9:30 or 11:15, you’re engaging in the message and worship service just like the folks at 611 Richardson Street.
  • Just like you’d expect to be greeted and greet others when you get to church, our online platform has a chat feature, with a Host Team who is ready to welcome you and converse with you.
  • Our Prayer Team is available online, just like they are in-person.

Being Part of a Community
The New Testament is clear that church is not a place to attend, but a body of believers, connected by the Holy Spirit. Being part of a church body doesn’t require your physical presence, but it does require your time and attention. We encourage you to be a vibrant part of our Online Church community.

Here’s some need-to-know info:
  • Robbie Funderburk is the pastor for our online community. He is committed to serving those attending online and helping them connect and be involved in our church family. 
  • At the end of each service, stick around for a video message from Robbie, sharing events and opportunities that are unique to our online community.
  • Our Men’s and Women’s Bible studies can be joined from the comfort of your home via Zoom, so you can participate along with the folks attending at Renovation.
  • We have opportunities to serve your church family from home; reach out to if you’re interested in serving.
  • Zoom meetups are available each week. The goal is simply to provide a space for Online Community folks to connect and stay encouraged. Text the word "CONNECT" to our text keyword number 864-881-7801 for info on how to join us.
  • We take communion during our Communion Sunday services. We announce these in advance so you can gather the elements and participate with us from home.

Email: robbie@theRenovation.Church

Office: 864-881-7801 X 2010